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i was actually jammin' to this song on my ipod this morning, but just found this video version. i had never seen this video before. the storyline actually brought an unexpected tear to my eye. totally coolmoe.


What a sad story! Oh, since this is my first comment, I should introduce myself. My name is Taylor and I'm currently a senior in high school. I came across your blog while searching for an excerpt from a Kreeft lecture that I had, but wanted the text for (your blog's archive had a link to it). Anyway, I just wanted to say that each week of school is a struggle for me and living at home is difficult, so all your blog posts bring me gladness and comfort at the end of each day, and I find myself looking forward even to the posts about shoes (I'm a guy, by the way). Like always though, I enjoyed all the music posts! I should say that I recently went to the local record shop (it's about that time to start playing Christmas music) to search for a classic album, and I found a great Bing collection of songs! Anyway, I thought you all might find that exciting (I find myself more at home in past generations). Thanks again! Have a wonderful week!

well, howdy, taylor! feel free to share your thoughts with us any time. iffin' you have any really cerebral questions, please address them to mamaT. la mama is closer to your age, iffin' you need any timely advice. i'll take any and all fashion or entertainment questions. and, WELCOME!

Yes, welcome, Taylor! Glad you find it homey!

I'm not really intellectual, but I do have a thing for old music.

Cool on the Bing record. I might have that one in my collection, too!

Hi Taylor! Glad you're here!



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