Pretty Shoe Tuesday - the Boot Edition

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Look, I have fat calves. Even at my thinnest, I have muscular, big calves. Boots, unless ordered specifically from someone who makes 'em for girls like me, are always a problem. But I've always loved 'em. Always wanted 'em. Drool over 'em.

So let's see what we want today:

This is the classic boot. By Ralph Lauren. You don't get any bootier than that. If you bought these boots, and took care of them, you might own them for the rest of your life. They'd go with pants, long skirts. Love 'em. Want 'em. Would consider a calf-ectomy to get 'em:


Now these next boots I really could wear. They are fabulous, and look at that heel! Such a cute thing!


Next are the boots I imagine LaMa wearing. I'd wear 'em too, but I'm probably really too old for 'em. Love the biker sort of look of these:


And finally, we always have to have a Summa shoe or boot. Today's choice comes from our beloved Betsey Johnson. Animal print and pink flowers? Darling, it's just too, too!!!


Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


i love boots, too. the only thing sexier than a strappy sandal is a high-ridin' leather contraption with lots of metal ge-gaws. HOWEVER, just looking at them makes me gasp for air. can you say hyper-claustrophobic? yikes!

you know me, i would go barefooted 24/7 iffin' it wasn't such a fashion faux pas. c'est la vie.

ITA with the Smock comments. My feet get anxious if they can't see each other; but boots are just so meeeeeow it's worth it.

Heart the 3rd pair, MamaT!



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