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Well, Smock, those are delicious shoes indeed. What is it about shoes that are so very wantable, even for those of us sitting here in our sneakers on a Tuesday morning? I know a lot of women who can't wear heels, either because of a foot problem or because of where they work, or whatever. But I don't know many women who don't look at shoes and, ahem, lust over some of them.

So here's my flirty shoes, in order:


These shoes, the Janine Driver by Elie Tahari, are just cute. They are for the first time you meet someone, maybe over at Half-Price Books, searching for that one book you need to complete your collection. They say, "I'm smart, but I'm not afraid to be a girl, buddy."


Here's a little number: Pawn in black satin by Stuart Weitzman. Worn to a wedding, it shows you have impeccable taste, with just a hint of fun. You're also a practical woman, because you've worn a lower heel to a function, so that you can dance away the night without complaining about your shoes. And I think men hate it when women complain about their shoes.


For the woman not afraid to have a little edge in the workplace, we have the Carma OT Air Sling by Cole Haan. Can't fault the design--though the open toe makes 'em a little risque. These with a suit? Woo hoo! Drinks after work? Certainly!


I've shown you these "Glam it Up Boots" by Lilly Pulitzer before. Full on "I am Woman, hear me roar!". Any woman who could wear these smashers by is a worthy partner--cheeky and fearless. These with a pair of jeans and a big sweater? Awesome and sexy.


Full on sex appeal, skip the flirting, here. These are by Guiseppe Zanotti, and they practically scream, "Hey sailor, new in town?" Maybe sometimes the direct approach is best. As the Mamas caution--ONLY with your husband, now!

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


smackdown, you, cougar, you!



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