smock-ku over midnight

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little smocklings sigh
but only while they're sleeping
morning comes roaring

here is my favorite haiku of all time. sadly, i do not know the author.
it reflects my slightly jaded world view while maintaining a playful voice:

tiny hotel soap
too small to wash my body
yet i take you home

just for fun, why not share one of your favorites? or, better yet, submit one of your own!


Not mine, but a friend's:

His finest effort is not a haiku, however (though if one is familiar with neither the original nor Cumbernauld, it may not have the same effect:)

dripping faucet drops
soothe inner waves of danger
and leave hope behind

here's one of my favorites:
Private Property
It's posted No Trespassing
but not from this side

Columns of numbers,
Adding up to not so much:
Where did it all go?

Where did it all go?
Tom Thumb, other bills, and gas;
Sssshhh! And new boots, too!



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