smockpick: smart fashion 4 ur consideration

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smock says, this is one coolio tee, especially when you consider it's only 15 bucks. i will admit that, seein' as how i'm not a chess player, it took me a few minutes, or five, to finally get it. but once i did, i was duly impressed.* surely you have someone on your christmas list who needs a really rad article of coolage. besides, this is a rockin' website -- any site that adverts itself as "hardcore catholic" gets two smocks up. so buy one. now. c'mon. you know you wanna.

even if you don't don the duds, you can visit
* for other non-chess players out there, it's "respect the bishop."


Being a fan of the great game, I got it immediately. I. want. that. shirt. :D




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