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(a pic from smock's anne taintor day planner)

Outside My Window... night is falling because i can never seem to get to the summa's during daylight hours . . . how twilight of me.

I am thinking... that ladies' days really suck big time. and, ladies, you know of which i speak.

I am thankful for... midol. and friends who make warm fuzzy things for me for christmas.

From the kitchen... cereal night!

I am wearing... one of smockdaddy's big ol' sweatshirts and some stretchy pants. i'm diggin' the stretchy pants, lemme tell y'all.

I am creating... ummm.... a big ol' carbon footprint every monday since i have to pick up gab from school at 3, dunc from latin at 4, gracie from brownies at 4.30 and glynn from band at 5.

I am going... to finish my avon tomorrow and catch up on dexter and true blood tonight. can. not. wait!

I am reading... don't laugh, but i am STILL reading the same three books i reported on over a month ago. heavy sigh.

I am hoping... that i don't faint when i step on the scale at weight watchers tomorrow morning. can you say water retention? ugh.

I am hearing... lots of smocklings making evening noises. loud and happy and crazy evening noises.

Around the house... lots of smocklings running and frolicking! i'm braced for the SMACKTHUD sound though.

One of my favorite things... is a heating pad. where'd i hide it?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: i will survive.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



We had Cereal Night last night. Nothing hits the spot like cereal.

dontcha just heart you some cereal nights? i think everyone should have breakfast for dinner ever-so-often. it's such great comfort food. especially LUCKY CHARMS!

Lucky charms are not really food, though.

Now, I want some Life cereal. Or Kix.

Or (and I whisper this, 'cause it's not populare) some *oatmeal*. YUM!

Oatmeal is ultimate comfort food!! Big fans here, we eat it several times a week for lunch with lots o stuff in it.

Lucky Charms are my favorite candy-cereal. At the risk of making Smock gag, they are completely rad with oat milk.

My favorite candy cereal is Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter. Followed by regular Cap'n Crunch. Then Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

But I don't like any candy cereal with milk. I just like it by the handfuls out of the box.

And handfuls.

And handfuls.



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