the smock's flirty shoe tuesday



the hair toss: okay, we summas love us some kate spade. i present her "clarice" for your consideration. the best thing about these is the fact that you can buy a matching pair in black satin, too!


the wink: can you get any more precious than pink patent leather in a kitten heel? smock thinks not. here is one by gucci that just might garner more glances than a well-timed giggle.


batting the lashes: i don't know about you, but i want this shoe just so i can tell people its name: "draculette" by christian louboutin. and pink suede with criss-crossed hot pink velvet? tres nice.


blowing kisses: oh yes, a peek-a-boo toe and an ankle bow all wrapped up in one sexy little shoe. my grandmother would never wear open toes because she considered them too racy. i think she may have been on to something.


the double take: this shoe doesn't even need to come in pink to turn heads, honey. paint your toenails a yummy bubble gum and forget about it.



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