Well, now it's back to work


Frankly, yesterday I could think of nothing to say. I'm still pretty gob-smacked today.

But the sun rises, the sun sets, and things go on.

And so will we.

I cannot pretend to be happy, or even at peace with, the election results.

I am, however, at peace with God. I railed and fussed and moaned on Tuesday night. But what came through loud and clear were the quotes I posted below.

It is not given to us to pick the time and place we will serve the Lord. We are called to the here and the now for a reason, because there is something we can do that we couldn't have done in any other place and time. And if it means that we must be uncomfortable, then that's just the way it is.

It is time for us to become stronger in our faith. To live it, not just talk it. To put aside the fear of whether it will make us "different" or "weird" to other people. It will.

It must.

If it doesn't, then we aren't following the One who loved us so much that He died for us.

Do you think we can go along, seeming like we're just like everyone else? Did Christ seem like everyone else? Did the disciples, when they were fired with the Holy Spirit? Would YOU have bet money on a bunch of fisherman and tax collectors spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth?

So, it's like I told Smock this morning. Live your faith. Speak it in love. Never let there be any doubt whose you are.

Then everything will be well.

Because it will, you know.

It already is.



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