Pretty Shoe Tuesday - All the Mamas Want for Christmas is a Pair of Kate Spade Shoes Edition

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You know that the Mamas have a deep and abiding love for all Kate Spade shoes. And what with Christmas coming up and all, we know some of you were probably wondering, "What on earth can I send those spectacular Mamas for Christmas?" You WERE wondering that, weren't you?

Well, hop on over to Nordstrom's and send us some SHOES! We suggest these:

First, there is this little number, appropriate for wear to a swanky company party. We like to think about going to swanky parties. We like to think about owning the shoes for them. We're not actually so up on attending those parties.... But we would if we had these!


Then there is this strappier number, a little sexier, but still appropriate for the company 'do. Every woman there would be asking where you got these beauties:


Then, there is this number, which is lovely because of the gold ankle strap, contrasting with the rest of the shoe. This with the proverbial "little black dress"? Killer, darlings. simply killer.


Then, of course, we must highlight a pair of Summa heels. I want the dress that would go with these shoes! I don't own it, but I want it!


But finally, here is the pair of Kate Spade shoes that would REALLY fit the Mama lifestyle, and that we all really need. Maybe we'll be checking out the post Christmas sales for these:


Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


yes, and the smock will take one of each pair in an eight 'na half. tyvm.

make that two of each in an 8.5, and in each available color if it's not too much trouble...



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