sick & twisted? mebbe, but the smock wants her for christmas!

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unkay, just had to break in here for a moment so that i could share the following:

yes! i love all things hitchcock, and surely this counts on some level, right? i mean, c'mon. how cool is this?

yes! the birds is my fave hitchcock flick. here's a tidbit, too: it's reported that when someone asked sir alfred about having so many "bird's eye-view" shots in the film, he corrected them saying, "those shots are from God's eye-view."

yes! i collect barbies -- but only fairly unusual ones and this one, no doubt, takes the cake!

yes! i love tippi and where else could i ever find a tippi hedren doll as faboo as this ... one that looks frightened and has flawless hair?

yes! i would totally be BFFs with the one who managed to convince smockdaddy to put it under the tree.

and for your viewing pleasure, i stumbled across this cheeky little jewel, the 1963 original teaser for the birds. enjoy!


that is SICK and TWISTED and I LOVE YOU for wanting it

That is sooo neat. (And it looks incredibly like Tippi.)
Is it part of a series of Hitchcock heroine Barbies? A Grace Kelly would be great, too!

My sister and I played Barbies a lot, perhaps a little too vigorously. So mine were not in such great shape when I passed them on to my girls - including the original cardboard Barbie One-Room Dream House. My four girls finished them off, along with a bazillion Barbies from the 80s and 90s. (Now when I see pictures of the original ponytailed Barbie with the bright red lipstick, I sort of wish my mother would have never let me play with any of my dolls or their accessories.) Do any of you remember the Ken with flocked hair or the Barbie with interchangeable wigs?

I had the Barbie with the interchangeable wigs!

I loved her.

She could be a smart and perky brunette, a sexy blonde or a va-va-va-voom! redhead.

We played Barbies for hours on end, out in the front yard (since our mothers banished us from the house every day during the summer). The worst thing you could do to someone was "accidentally" dump out her plastic box of shoes and accessories into the grass.

I never did that.

Yeah, right.

considering i lerve barbie and actually collect barbie dolls, wouldn't you know i have three girls -- none of whom have ever shown an interest in barbies ... until THIS year. gracie asked for barbie and accesories for Cmas for the first time EVER. ask me if i went wholehog. g'head, guess what's going to be under the smocktree this year. oh, yeah. oh. yeah!

Man, I love his voice.

It is so fun to buy gifts for the kids that you really love too! Camila is getting her first real doll. Squeeee! I picked out a pretty little Waldorf and picked her hair and eye color and such. Sigh! Que lindo.



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