7 Quick Takes for Friday

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Off with the kids to do wedding registry stuff today. I hope we can all keep our tempers. It stuns me that the Zman cares so much about every little thing. When I registered, lo those many years ago, I asked Craig if he wanted to go with my mom and me. "No, go get what you like. It'll be fine." Zman? Not so much. I tried to bow out of the expedition, but "No, Mom, we want you to come with us." I'm just going to keep repeating the mantra, "It's their stuff, Terry. It's their stuff.


I have to go get snacks for tomorrow's trip to the swimming pool for McKid and her BFF, who is spending the night with her tonight. The one advantage of age is that you don't have to have little kid sleepovers with giggling girls dancing in front of the television. The downside is that you don't get to have little kid sleepovers with giggling girls dancing in front of the television.


Again perusing the school supply list, every kid has to take 5 rolls of paper towels. I understand needing a bunch of paper towels. But my question is this: Where do you store 100 rolls of paper towels PER CLASS? In our little school, that amounts to more than 2000 rolls of paper towels. How much room does that take up? And wouldn't it be more feasible to have a supply list for August and one for January? Just for space considerations?


Ssssshhhhhh. McKid gets her new big girl bike tomorrow for her birthday. Zman has been working with her to learn to ride with no training wheels, and she can do it. Or do it as long as she doesn't think about it too much.


Looking for good quotes about cooking, home, eating, food. Got any? If so, please let me know!


Picked up my book club book for this month at Half Price Books yesterday. Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell. Also got a copy of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which is one of our selections for later this year. I've heard nothing but good about it.


My family cookbook project is coming along nicely. But I think I hurt my hands cutting and pasting so much paper yesterday. It hurts to type!

You can check out the rest of the Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary. And that's another website I need to add to our links......

Happy Friday, ya'll!


So where are they registering?

What a kick to enjoy -- at the same time, in the same household -- the pleasures of an upcoming wedding and the pleasures of a little girl in the house!

They have registered their dishes (Fiestaware!) at Macy's. They registered bedding and pots and pans and baking stuff at Target. They registered bathroom stuff and lots of miscellaneous at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

We tried to keep it down to 2 places, but we couldn't.

While Zman was noodling around in Target with the scanner thingie, he decided to register a $1200 flat screen TV, just to make people laugh when they pull up the registry.

They were so sensible about most things, I hope everyone knows it's a joke!

I really liked Thread of Grace. Hope you do too.



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