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......that I really like. Seven Catholic moms, all raising kiddos, some homeschooling, etc. I love reading them, but it sometimes makes me too sad, 'cause I'm past all that and into a different phase of my life.

But take a gander. I like 'em a LOT: Building Cathedrals.


fun. must post in our list 'o links...

I'm working with young Catholic children all over the world asking them one question," What does being Catholic mean to you?" Their answers and companion artwork will be part of children's book and e-book entitled,"What is Catholic?." If your child is interested in participating (12 years old and under) please contact me for more information: karenkellykiefer@gmail.com.

My first children's storybook and family Christmas tradition, The Misfit Sock, was released in 2010.
www.themisfitsock.com The book/project has a teaching/service curriculum for parents and teachers.



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