Crochet drama and tears at CasaS


I am doing a Crochet Along (otherwise known as a CAL) sponsored by a group over on Ravelry. Two 12 inch block patterns are posted every month, and if you do those each month, at the end of the year you have enough squares to make an afghan.

I've been keeping up, and I have been very proud of my squares to date.


(You knew there had to be soemthing like that, didn't you?)

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up two more skeins of yarn to continue on with my project. Side by side (as they have never been before!!!!) were TWO colors of green, only a shade apart: Mid Green and Light Sage. I called the Beautiful Celeste at home and asked her which one I was using. "Uh, there's a problem, Terry. It appears you were using Mid Green, but switched last time to Light Sage. Three blocks are different from the others."

Well, I thought they looked a little different, but I thought it might just be these old eyes seeing a dye lot issue. And doing each individual square, you don't notice. But when you put the squares together? Yeah, you notice.

So, I've got to undo 3 of the squares I've already done and redo them. And I've already stitched one of them into the first panel, so the panel has to be undone.


It made me cry, just a little bit, in frustration.

And yes, I have to redo it, or I will hate the afghan forever. It doesn't make it better that it was an afghan I was considering as a wedding gift for Zman and TBC. It has to be right.

So, today I frog.

Rip-it. Rip-it. Rip-it.




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