Some days it's the chicken, some days it's the feathers.....

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It's a feathery kind of Monday. More than $1600 in car repairs/maintenance in the last 3 weeks, with more $$$ out the door on the way. The check engine light is on in my car. I hope it's something small.

McKid is running a temp and has been all weekend. It's off to the doctor at 1:30, but over the phone the doctor says 90% chance it's flu. Sigh.

I have sixty-eleven loads of laundry to do. I don't know what happened here. I think I just blocked out the fact that it HAD to be done. Now PapaC is out of pants to wear to work, and I've got to get on the stick.

Bills for the church need to be paid.

Altar Guild needs to be caught up for the turnover to the new Altar Guild directress. (Yay!)

Need to run to the grocery store and stock up on stuff so that I'll have it if the Mak needs to stay home with me this week, after she and her mama go to the doctor.



Pray for us.


I hope ms. M is feeling better sooon. Who is taking over Altar Guild?

you are in my prayers. i'm offerin' it up for all'a y'all.

Aisling, Bridget Brignac will be the new Altar Guild Directress starting October 1. Although I will still work really closely with her as we go through this first Christmas and Lent/Holy Week/Easter round.

I'll still do my week of Altar Guild, though. I love it and I'm never giving it up, 'til I'm too old to push the vacuum!

Smock, we're offering ours up for YOU! Smooch.



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