why aren't priests like this run out of town on a rail ... or whatever it takes to shut them up?

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the following snippet, concerning the funeral Mass for edward kennedy, is from an editorial entitled kennedy's catholic service was atrocity in the pocono record.

One commentator called it a traditional Catholic funeral service. In a traditional funeral there are no eulogies from laymen, no opera singers in the sanctuary. No world class cellist and the Dies Irae is sung.

Wolf in sheep's clothing Cardinal O'Malley presided over this atrocity. His buffoon Fr. Mark Hession gave us this: "Edward Kennedy was a wonderful Catholic and is already in heaven." The presumption. The gall. The hypocrisy.

of course it is no surprise that the whole Mass was an insulting mess, but the part that chaps my hide is father hession's remark. when a priest thinks he can elevate the dead to sainthood just by declaring it so, something has gone horribly wrong. how can he make such a bold public statement and not be censured by the Church? i don't get it.


Wow. It's really wild that he said that. I wonder if Fr. Hession got a tongue lashing at all.

doubt it. they prolly wanted to give him a medal. puke.



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