Please pray for the Smock

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Smock's hemoglobin level is low and her kidneys aren't functioning up to par. This needs to change for her to get back on her feet and see her baby. She has only been able to see the beautiful Greer briefly in the delivery room.

Needless to say, this isn't an optimum situation for either of them. Mama needs baby and baby needs mama.

Please pray for the two of them.

We'll keep you up to date.


Will be praying...

Praying for them both. Mother Mary, pray for them!

Are they considering a transfusion? I know that this is pretty aggressive, but it can sometimes make a HUGE difference.

Last I heard they'd done four transfusions. We'll keep you posted, keep the prayers rising!! I hear Smock was more like her old self today, always a good sign.

Beautiful Baby is doing well in NICU.

Keeping Smock and baby Greer in prayers!

Beautiful baby. Keeping both of them in prayer.



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