Smock Update

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Smock herself is home, with a boatload of new medications to control her heart issues. That'll take some time for her to get used to, and for the doctors to calibrate the levels of the meds. I keep telling her it took them 4 months to get mine straight, so not to worry. She, of course, worries and tells me that 39 is "too young for a cardiologist."

I say thank God that you've got one to watch over you and make sure that you live a long and healthy life with those babes!

Greer Rose is still in NICU, but yesterday she finished ONE WHOLE BOTTLE all by herself. That's a real milestone, and we're proud of her.

She is a most beautiful baby, and has gained weight and has done well in all other ways. She's just got to master the eating thing. And she will. We are all hoping that she is able to come home sometime this week. After she can take all her feedings from a bottle, then Smock will have to room in at the hospital for 24 hours (so they can make sure she knows what she's doing--I guess successfully mothering SIX other children doesn't count) and then Greer will come home. And MamaT will be over there in a flash to hold and smooch the baby that so far I have only been able to pet. Yay!

Keep those prayers coming! We know that they work!


Fingers crossed and prayers shooting skyward that the rooming went well last night and Smock is taking precious Greer home today.



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