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snagged from the hermeneutic of continuity:

Papermint is a new online game for children which creates a cute virtual world in which children are encouraged to form "relationships", get pregnant and have a "paper baby". There is no lower age limit and no "date of birth" verification. Children playing in this virtual world are invited to set up a personal avatar and indicate whether or not they enjoy having sex.

the smock visited this website to check it out. my children can even experiment at crossdressing. since when did "cute" become a codeword for sick and twisted?

this is a touching piece written by the parent of a young boy who was killed just before Christmas. any death of a child is horrible and upsetting, but such a senseless and avoidable death of a child truly pierces the heart. and considering that this little boy was not much older than our own young twins, davis and donovan, who are also mamaT's godsons, really brings the horror home.

Finding Meaning -- and a Cause -- in Our Son's Death

Saint Margaret Clitherow

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the night before my second daughter was born, i was watching mother angelica on EWTN. she was hosting a show about sainted martyrs. the story of saint margaret clitherow was especially poignant to me, as my family (full of protestants) always loved to point out "the inquisition" when trying to attack the Church. i was enthralled by the story of how this woman was pressed to death for the unbelievable "crime" of harboring Catholic priests. it was then i decided that saint margaret was going to be Grace's patron, and one of our household's saints. upon hearing mother angelica tell margaret's story i felt as if margaret was choosing us. we went through great pains defending our decision to convert, so it was perversely pleasing to chose a martyr, especially one who was murdered by protestants.

here is a link to a trailer for an upcoming movie about my sweet Grace's patron saint, the Pearl of York.

I'm glad I did.

Sippy Cups for Christ.



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