My head hurts.....or the downside of change

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I have rejoined Weight Watchers after a couple of years of doing my own thing--and doing it to the tune of gaining back almost all that hard-won weight loss that I started a few years ago. Bleah.

As a part of my commitment to eating healthier, I have decided to begin the process of giving up diet Cokes. I'm not foolish enough to try this cold turkey. I tried that last time, and my husband did NOT thank me for it.

So, my goal is this for the month of January:

Week 1 of month (which began today): No diet coke until after McKid goes home. That ieaves relatively little time for ingestion!

Week 2 of month: The dreaded substance only 4 days per week.

Week 3 of month: The golden nectar only 3 days per week.

Week 4 of month: A treat once a week.

I'm not aiming for complete abstinence. I will fool around with it once a week and call that good enough.

And why?

Because I think it is most definitely NOT helping in my weight loss/maintenance efforts. I'm not even sure there's a good chemical reason for it, though you can certainly read plenty of bad stuff about artificial sweetners and weight loss if you look around for, oh say, 5 minutes.

But mine is more a psychological thing - I think having the sweet taste in my mouth all the time makes me want moreandmoreandmoreandmore to eat.

But don't let anyone tell you this stuff isn't physically addicting. My whole body aches. My head hurts. And I am SLEEPY from lack of caffeine.

Yeah, an addict. For sure.

Happy (oh, really, are we so very sure about that?) Monday, ya'll!


Diet coke is the enemy of someone wanting to lose weight. I don't know what it is, but it seems to interrupt the body's messages about hunger and sweets. If you crave coke, try to find Mexican coke which is made with real sugar and have one a day. There is sometimes Dr. Pepper made with real sugar and HEB has a whole line of sodas made with sugar. I have noticed the soda drinkers around here drink very few a WEEK when it is real sugar. They were drinking 12-packs (plural) a week when it was diet.



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