Civic Duty or Civic Doodie?

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smock's hubby served on jury duty this week. our fair system paid him $6 total for his time and trouble (which included missing an entire day of work), charged him $8.50 for parking, $3 for coffee, and then had the nerve to ask him to wave his $6 pay and donate it back to the county. he spent most of the afternoon in hot, muggy, cramped quarters with loud, obnoxious and malodorous strangers, the worst of whom was the woman who spent the better part of an hour making the rest of them laugh (smock's hubby being the blessed exception -- he was busy hiding behind a book) while she impersonated a deaf person talking. loudly. i tell ya, it's getting more and more difficult to fight my misanthropic tendencies. it really is.


"i tell ya, it's getting more and more difficult to fight my misanthropic tendencies"

Just think of jesus.

charging jurors for parking is despicable. Even in our nickel and dime, "you serve the state" county jurors get their own free parking (they even post a cop to keep non-jurors out)

I'm on the Grand jury for the next 6 months (2 days a month). my employer pays my full pay for jury duty, the court gave me a pass that says I can park all day for free in the metered spots, they provide coffee (free) but not tea, and I get to hear over and over again just how stupid crooks are.
I was never able to do jury duty of any kind before and this is actually quite entertaining.



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