Fair Enough

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My life is rated PG-13.
What is your life rated?

Thanks to Mr. "PG" Riddle over at Flos Carmeli.


I'm PG-13, also.

But I think that's only because I'm married--if you know what I mean....

oh, i know what you mean. uh-huh. i sure do, you funky woman!

I got NC-17. What am I doing wrong? Or maybe I'm doing something right?

Dear Mommas---

I factored the married part into it and decided that the material thing to decide upon is what was visited upon the viewing public--that's probably why I got a PG.



Oops, clicked too soon.

So that is to say it's about as racy as Scarlett and Rhett--one kiss and a closed door.



Yep, PG-13

Although, I would say I that would be a factored rating. Depending on the day I am either a "G" and "R".

Wanna know what I got, Micki? I almost never take these quizzes, but am plagued by a guilty conscience.

i'm intrigued, mr. luse. please. do tell!

NC-17. Of course, I was taking my whole life into account, not just the married part. I guess I'm lucky there wasn't an X category. I'm trying to do better now.

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

I went balanced. I did some things from my life now and some things from back when I was single. I don't think of myself in terms of the ratings board, however.

I prefer to think of myself as an unrated Danish existential film.



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