First finished book of 2004

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I finished my first book of 2004 today while I ate lunch and the McBaby snoozed.

Finished Muriel Spark's Loitering with Intent. We had read The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in book club, and I liked her style. So, I picked this one out of the clearance bin at Half Price Books the other day.

Not a bad book. Very interesting insight (autobiographical, I assume) about what it's like to be a writer--how voices, situations, postures, phrases stick in your head to be used later.

A friend gave me the three Kristin Lavransdatter books on Sunday. I started the first one last night while CAS and Zteen were playing Madden football, and was immediately sucked in.

But I'm supposed to be reading P.D. James!!!

OK, do you think it would just be TOO nerdy to start keeping a list of what I read with notes on each book? Or is that taking Litermania just too far?


Keep an eye on P.D. James' persistent references to abortion: "Devices and Desires", "A Taste For Death", and "Unnatural Causes" all refer to the disintegrating effect of abortion on the personality. Very interesting, I thought.

Go ahead, go nerdy on me. I like it.

I've been thinking about taking notes too.

Dear Terry--

Not enough people tell us what they really think about books. Tell us. Share all. I love to hear about it, especially when I disagree.



Great idea! I have a blog for just that purpose and believe you me, you pay much more attention to books when you have to "report" on them later. As for nerdy, haven't you heard that it's hip to be square?

Kristen L. is a wonderful read isn't it. (If you don't have the Tiina Nunnally translation, it is much better than the other which is needlessly difficult with its faux medieval English.) The felt Catholicism of the people combined with their half-remembered pagan past are especially interesting.





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