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a GLOWING review of Michael O'Brien's Cry of Stone:Books & Culture's Book of the Week: A Rose Among Thorns

I have been eyeing it in our parish book shop--and it was mentioned by someone when I asked for book club suggestions. With all the good that's been said about it, I may have to buy it after next payday!


That book is amazing. There were so many bad reviews out there, but it touched my heart in such an incredible way. The last 100 pages or so, I stayed up all night reading it and cried and cried at the end because of its beauty. Such a tremendous example of how God is most easily found in the small, and the weak, and the poor -- how they really are the preferred of His Heart. Go get it and read it, or I could lend you my copy. I'm in your part of town quite a bit these days. Thanks for posting the positive review. I'm glad to hear of it. God Bless!

My wife loves the michael obrien books. I tried to get into cry of stone but i was turned off by the ephemeral modern prose. It was like trying to read a jackson pollack.

Dear Terry,

This probably doesn't come as welcome news, but I find O'Brien's prose mostly workmanlike and occasionally appalling. I liked Father Elijah but have had a very difficult time with subsequent volumes. While not as devestatingly bad as Bud MacFarlane, O'Brien takes the occasional foray into the land of the truly unreadable. However, I have noted that Books and Culture is a fairly reliable source for info, so that does give me hope for the work.



Dear Terry

Devastatingly (I sure wish I could spell before seven in the evening--it would make work so much easier.)





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