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Bluth Fight!

the reason i identify with this show is because it is my life. rather, it was smockmomma's life. unfortunately i almost feel sorry for poor lindsay funke only because i can, at times, identify with her.
shocking? yes, but true. you see, lucille bluth was and IS my mother to a tee. i only pray that mrs. vonhuben enjoys arrested development, not because she identifies, but because it's sooo dry.

lucille bluth: "i'll have the ... ike and tina tuna."
greasy spoon waitress: "plate 'er platter?"
lucille bluth: "i don't understand your question...and...i'm not going to respond to it."

oh, heavens. i love the show and yet it pains me. it repels me but sucks me in by its frightening familiarity...


No......I don't identify.......too much.
Lucille is quite an imposing character. I don't think I'd have fared too well growing up with such a mom.

(Though there are moments. I have one child whom I fear would like a blend-in-with-the- wallpaper shirt like Buster. If only we had a banana stand as a source of regular income. Though I don't think we'd be doing too well in the midst of a Chicago winter. My hubby ain't perfect, but at least he's not in prison or pursuing local theater. :) He does have way too much of a fascination with GOB's Segway.)

PS - Good Charlotte is a band. I don't particulaly care for what I've heard - on VH1 in the wee hours before everyone else is up. Must have some sort of a cult following....

Good Charlotte played at an assembly at my kids' Catholic HS several years ago--seems one of the band members is an alumnus!

They were medium stars--not mega stars.



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