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Here is a review of a couple of books found on Christianity Today: Eating the Supper of the Lamb in a Cool Whip Society - Books & Culture

Both the books mentioned sound interesting. I am especially taken with the fact that Power Failure, though it talks about the technological cultural paradigm and the harm it may be causing, apparently does not shift into the "get you some land and some goats" solution mentality. (Not that I have anything AGAINST land and goats, you know, but it isn't practical for a huge number of us to do that, even if we wanted to. And I have never WANTED to.)


"The Supper of the Lamb" is a great book. I read it a couple months ago, very very good.

As far as goats and land goes, I don't think that everyone is cut out for that, nor are the distributivism folks really looking to impose it on anyone. Me, I'd be happier than a pig in mud if I could have a little goat ranch in the hills. My oldest son would probably claw his eyeballs out after a couple months. He has all these weird ideas about movin to the city when he grows up. Ecch!

But that other book looks interesting, thanks for the link!



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