Oh, dear!

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The McBaby is now pushing chairs around to climb up on stuff. She also pushes the bar stools around--to climb up to the sink.

My life is over...

And one more thing. Right now her big thing is to push something over to the sink and yell so that I will come in and she can wash dishes. Whatta you wanna bet that THAT will end as soon as she is really ABLE to wash the dishes?

She can also open the refrigerator door, so I am surprised at different times of the day by a baby carrying a pound of hamburger meat around. Or a stick of butter.

Shutting the door is another matter.

Isn't it always?


Hambet is obsessed with washing the dishes too. Today was a real doozy -- I ended up washing the floor, there was so much water on it.

You're both so blessed! Remember to cherish these days - they don't last long!



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