Perhaps Sexy Mamas?

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i dig the new crib. it's totally coolmoe, MamaT. i feel so sexy, don't you?


Of course, dear, of course!

What I would really like is a groovy font to use for the banner--something all pretty and curly. But I can't find anything that looks cool on MY own browser!!!!!

Anyone have any suggestions?

No Lucida Calligraphy, please -- that's ours! ;)

RC or Jeff Miller might be able to recommend a couple of italic fonts, but you always run the risk of people not being able to see them if they don't have the fonts loaded on their own computer. Best bet might be to make a banner using graphics software.

Can you point me in the direction to make a banner with graphics software?????

Have you checked out Larabie Fonts?


Thanks for the heads up. They've got some really, really cool fonts over there!



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