This is what I went to see this afternoon

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The exhibit "Painted Prayers"--58 different Books of Hours. Some were hand written, some were printed with woodblocks then hand colored. All were beautiful.

One of the books took NINE YEARS to write and draw. Think of the dedication.

The most touching one was a book done for a child. It started out with an alphabet, followed by the Pater Noster. And the narrator on the audio tour really brought it home--"And the pages have obviously been turned hundreds of times by little fingers. Look how dirty the vellum is."


The exhibit will be in St. Louis later this year, and at the Getty in Los Angeles in 2005. If it is close to you, GO SEE IT. It is not a large exhibit, but it is a very lovely one!

If you can't go see it, access the website above, and look at it online.


i'm especially fond of "lust" ... what i mean is ... oh, nevermind.



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