You KNEW this was coming, didn't you?

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Here is a link to an article in the Las Vegas Sun about a suit being filed in Utah about a polygamy case, based on the striking down of the Lawrence statue here in Texas.

Here's a key paragraph:

Lawyers representing other polygamists have recently cited the Supreme Court ruling. Last month, the attorney for Tom Green, a convicted bigamist and child rapist, argued his client's convictions should be thrown out in light of the case. The appeal of Rodney Holm - who was convicted of bigamy and unlawful sexual conduct with an underage girl - also cites the Texas case.

I've said all along, if marriage is simply a contract, or a social construct, then if gender isn't key, then number cannot possibly be key.

Next? Age of's already waiting in the wings.


Yes, I KNEW this was coming, but you didn't have to scoop me on it ;)

But yes, and all those people who scoffed at Rick Santorum would look really stupid -- if this culture had any sense of accountability (that is, accountability in matters that do not involve the possibility of large monetary awards in civil court....)

A sad thought, but I really wonder how many people will bat an eye if Friends is on television?



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