I was so angry when I first read the title of this article:

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WorldNetDaily: Painkillers for aborted babies?

But after I read the article I decided that maybe it was a very sneaky way for those Virginia legislators to bring to bear on the public how incredibly STUPID it is to maintain that it is OK to rip 12 week old fetuses apart.

I mean, it's pretty hard to maintain you're not doing something awful when you have to give painkillers to the one you're fixin' to kill. Isn't it? Isn't it?

Very sneaky. Very underhanded. I like it. Probably doesn't have a chance in h*** of passing.


I think it's a great law. If we can't pass anti-abortion laws, let's at least see if we can get this passed.

Being pregnant in this society can be depressing when you think stuff like, "I'm 11 weeks. That means only one week until a lot of people (if not the law) think my baby should be protected from being killed."

When I look at fetal development photos, I think, it used to seem like this was to marvel at, "To think that's a person who's only a few weeks old! That's what we all looked like once," but now it's like the very tininess and helplessness of unborn babies is used against them, to make them seem to have no inherent worth. If they're not autonomous, we shouldn't want to protect them. Huh? I thought it was the helpless who needed protection...



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