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someone named kaylasmommy30 thoughtfully sent me a nice little email with a link to a "live college cam" .... i promptly wrote back with a little "shame on you" email of my own.
when it didn't bounce back -- most do, as your average run of the mill porn pushers typically delete the email address right after they mass mail -- i thought just for fun (since i, too, am an aol subscriber) i'd look her profile up.
turns out the porn pusher in this case is Linda from Worcester MA. she works in a nursing home, scary thought, huh? she has never been married, but she does have a boyfriend. of course, she is kayla's mommy. oh, and she has leopard skin wallpaper on her profile page. why didn't that surprise me?
are people really this stupid?

now, before i'm lambasted for being uncharitable, mind you, i didn't ask this woman, and i use the term loosely, to send me pornography. in a nutshell, i'm mad as hell, and i'm not gonna take it any more.

even winnie-the-pooh has to have limits!


Hey smock, did you ever think that maybe she was just some poor working woman who is trying to earn a few bucks. Maybe the college cam is, in fact a Nursing Home cam. I can see it now...Here is one hottie...Linda, she loves Bingo, Sing Alongs, and The Price is Right. Nothing turns Linda on more than an Amana Radar Range...Sure, a little deceptive, but the home probably needs it. I am also sure that those farm animal sights I get email for are just some sort of new fundraising technique for PETA.

If she is an AOL member and sending you unsolicited porn then you should be able to complain to AOL. They are suppose to have a strict rule towards that type of behavior.

AOL having strict rules about porn is a little like Hugh Heffner having a strict rule about monogamy. AOL set the industry standard for internet porn before they hit the big time.

Did she write you back?

Her email address was probably hijacked by a spammer.

christian, shouldn't you be at work?
mr. miller, thank you. i reported it as spam to aol.
lauren, the least of all evil providers being whom?
kat, not yet.
mr. white, that's a possibility which is why i wasn't ugly -- just chastising -- when i wrote to her. i kept the same subject line, so she'll know what i'm talking about. we'll see what happens.

Personally, I say good job, if indeed itīs a porno spammer, then no excuse! Although, there is always the possibility as mentioned that the email was hijacked...

I've been getting occasional returned mail (Mailer Daemon) saying I sent mail that couldn't be delivered, except that I never sent it. Anyone know what's going on?

Mr Luse, it sounds like one of two things: You either have a virus that mails itself to everyone in your address book and some of the addresses are out of date, or someone is forging your email to spam others. Make sure that your antivirus software is up to date and scan your system. If that isn't the case, you might want to look for forged headers in the return.

kaylasmommy received and opened my email one hour after i sent it. she did not, and has not, responded.



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