Is it just me?

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Or do the new boxes of Girl Scout cookies look more and more like single serving boxes?

And a thumbs up on the new cookie this year--the Pinata. Though what it has to do with a papier mache form covered in brightly colored tissue paper I'll never understand.......


If they get any stingier with the packaging, they'll be selling them one cookie at a time.

Girl Scout Cookies

I have YET to meet someone to support the claim that they FREEZE well.

I tried it once. They got to REAL COLD before we ate the entire contents of the box. Ack!

I haven't had Girl Scout Cookies since my BigGirl was a Junior - waaa ! All those years of deliveries must have muted my taste for them? ? ?

Joyce, who updated my LINK to your new page here!

They really do freeze well. I bought several boxes in 2000 of the thin mints, then got pregnant and had an aversion to them. So I stuck the boxes in the freezer until later in the year and munched on them while nursing my newborn :) The boxes do seem to have less than when I was a girl scout though. Hmm.

I noticed the really slim packages, too and was wondering the same thing about "pinatas". I don't see the connection.

thin mints are the only ones you should freeze. yummm. i've tried freezing others, and i have one word for y'all: BLECK!



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