My apologies . . .

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I will probably be a sporadic blogger for another few weeks.

The Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and it has been difficult to do much of anything but prepare for this new person. I guess I have been in delivery denial for some time. As I have been nesting like a crazy loon for a few weeks now. Around the same time the contractions started to get stronger, I started on my "mission."

Truth be told, I am not too proud to say I am a bit scared. The number four seems so much bigger then three. I have been driving my spouse nuts with rearranging furniture, spending too much, painting, cooking etc....I am almost exhausted enough to be but not quite yet.

Now, many, many thanks to everyone who "voted" for a name. However, it is a difficult task to tally...I had many new choices. By-the-by, a message to the "Olivia Campaign Headquarters" - and you know who you are - I am afraid the name has officially been Howard Dean'd. Although, faithful supporters as you are, I am certain you will find a way around that 'lil ole technicality.

So, many, many thanks to everyone and my apologies for being so sporadic...please pray for us.


Wait, so what's the name going to be?

Definitely praying, Kirsten!

A big harrumph from the Olivia campaign headquarters.....

Oh, well. We'll just CALL her Olivia, no matter what her name is. That ought to be confusing!

But you can just say, "Never mind Aunt Micki and Aunt Tewwy, they've gone around the bend...."

Will be praying...
Do keep us posted..... :)

"Delivery denial" -- I remember.When you've been pregnant so long, it's hard to believe you'll ever be anything else.

God bless!

I always felt that right before delivery, moms-to-be, particularly moms who have already been through labor and delivery, are the most like Christ in the Garden as he anticipates his own suffering of love. Somehow I found strength in that, as well as the verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strenthens me."

In my experience once you've outnumbered yourself with 3, anything over that is a piece of cake! :)

Here's to happy nesting and a healthy, happy new mom and baby!


So far, it looks like the winners are


Sophia (Sophie) Claire


George Benedict - At RC's suggestion.

I did take to Simon for a while, at Elinor's suggestion. But my first "movie star" crush was on Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey and it's DH's grandfather's name.

Praying for a safe & manageable labor!

KTC, Ellyn, Jane, Ell and Sparki,

Thank you!! For your prayers and kind words. It is truly a blessing when I am feeling very weak to be reassured that I am part of "The Body" and know that someone is watchin my back.

Many thanks ox

I will try my best to keep everyone posted. Although, I imagine word will come via another Mama.



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