Only a teenaged boy....

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......would come up with the solution to this problem.

My son is working on the planning and write up for his Eagle Project (PRAY FOR US!). So far he has 22 pages of documentation, and he hasn't even DONE the project yet.

He has written it all, typed everything but the formulas in the Excel spreadsheets, and done FAR more documentation than I would find necessary.

BUT Zteen cannot spell. It's something we've worked on in a thousand different ways, all to very little effect. He's a big reader (recently finished Moby Dick, which he read "just for fun--so I can say I've read it")--which most people would assume would assure decent spelling skills. I am here to testify that being a voracious reader doesn't do diddly for spelling.

His father is a terrible speller, too, though slightly better than Zteen.

I am only encouraged by the fact that Flannery O'Conner was an absolutely HIDEOUS speller, and she turned out OK.

I was helping Zteen proof his write up (spell check only goes so far), and asked him, "What ARE you going to do when you go to college?"

His answer? "Well, when I get out of here, I'll just get a girlfriend. She can read my papers."

Oh well, at least he'll be checking out their spelling skills instead of other things.....


That's what you think.

From one Eagle Scout to a future one, I send my best wishes. I hope you get it. Terry, have you written all the people who can give your son different certificates and awards once he's earned his Eagle?

you just keep telling yourself that, MamaT, it'll keep the migraines and sleepless nights at bay, at least for awhile. in fact, i think that's just what my mother-in-law was telling herself ... that is, until she found the photographic evidence to the contrary, poor woman.

I firmly believe that some people were born with a "spelling gene" and some were not. Research has proven that there's no connection between spelling and intelligence, despite the opinions of many of the unwashed masses that there is. All you can do is be aware of the problem, keep plugging away at improving it, and keeping a dictionary and/or spellchecker nearby.

Mr. Luse and smock: Please! Leave a mother her illusions! ;-)

Robert: Nope, haven't written yet. He had put off his project for so long (he's 2 months from his 18th birthday) that I refused to get anything in progress until I was SURE he was gonna get this done. Now I will start getting the letters ready to go out. We're just glad his presidential congrats letter will be signed by GWBush, not Mr. Gore! (grin)

Chris: Thanks for the kind words. It's the opinion we've come to. Zteen's a smart kid, but you couldn't tell it from the first pass of his writing.

His answer? "Well, when I get out of here, I'll just get a girlfriend. She can read my papers."


My daughter D still can't spell, and she has read between 6 and 10 books a week most of her life. I can't not spell - wila/4 few noticeable exceptions. I think it is inborn.

i somehow managed to get a degree in english and constantly worry that it's only a matter of time before it's revoked. i take great comfort in flannery's spelling woes, God bless'er.

Praying!! My oldest just went to a meeting about this yesterday.. He doesn't have a project yet, but he's excited about finally getting closer to Eagle.

I thought the project looked great, I am anxious to see the "finished product" of Z's work. And I forgot about the whole spelling thing, I spell most words Okay, some I have difficulties with. My sister is an awful speller.

Terry: I have the distinct dishonor to have my letter of congratulations signed by Bill Clinton. I also have one from Jimmy Carter. That was before I stopped being liberal. I do however have a letter from former governor, George W. Bush.

Hey, Robert--

They were still Presidents! It is a true honor!



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