quare fremuerunt gentes?

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"why do the heathen so furiously rage together?" (psalm2)

okay fellow parishioners, i'm sick and tired of this present darkness for the 2004 elections, so i am launching my official campaign. i'm running on the "isn't there anyone Catholic to vote for? " ticket of Why Not?

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Dear Smockmomma,

It's about time you came to your senses. I knew you weren't just kidding with that little comment at my place. Behind that modesty I could just see all those political ambitions just screaming to be free--so cut loose and go with God! Yay Smockmomma.



YOu have my vote - even if it has to be a write in!

Who's your VP?

I love you're platform (I love shoes)! Where can I find one like that!?

mr. riddle, you are the reason i'm running. it was your idea, remember? so iffin i win, you get the credit. iffin i lose, well, i'll cry.
thanks, alicia! does this mean i can count on you to put up a yard sign?
mr. christopher, since i cannot get cardinal ratzinger to take my request to be my running mate seriously, the position is still open.
jeanetta, you may find my pink and black platform and other totally coolmoe threads at Daddy-O's!

Can I be the queen of libraries or queen of telling people to just get over it and GROW UP?

I think that could be a full time job!

Walk softly and carry a big pump smocksista

I have a smockbutton on my blog that supporters can link to and display on their own blog.

That site is great! Thanks!



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