remember those nekkid couple cartoons?

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i'd like to see a few more realistic panels. perhaps a "love is...remembering to put down the toilet seat" or "love is...doing a load of laundry for her."


That always reminds me of that passage in the Bible...Love is patient, love is kind, love doesn't call your voice mail at 3 in the morning screaming at you and then call right back and apologize.

What is it with women and toilet seats?

I'm sick of men being blamed for everything. Women can be the selfish ones in the relationship too.

I was at choir last night and I passed my daughter off to my wife HALF WAY THROUGH and I still got a comment about "handing her off when she needs a change, eh?"

Sorry, just venting.

I haven't seen those 'kids' in ages. :)

I think we ( men and women could fill volumes with realistic themes.) My contribution for today (from the deepest truths of my life): Love is........fixing the dryer before the family runs out of underwear!

Mr Luse,

Touching them.

Love is....remembering that Tuesday night is trash/recycle night without me having to act like someone's mother to get it done.

Love is....not making fun of me when I cry over Hallmark commercials on television!

>>Love is....not making fun of me when I cry over Hallmark commercials on television!

Love is taking out the garbage, without being reminded fifty times.

Love is going to a store with your wife that specializes in kitchen and housewares and pretending your interested.

Love is going with your husband to Comp USA or Best Buy and pretending your interested.

I used to love that comic. When I was 17/18 & thought I knew what love was. HA HA HA (OKay so i'm not *that* much older than that now... actually I am, what happened?).

Now see me actually in love with three children and realizing (hehehe) ... love is when he puts them to bed for me and let's me take off to go do whatever (browse at the bookstore alone!!!! Not much else to do at 8 or 9 PM when you are broke) Why didn't someone enlighten me when I was a teenager?????

Love is smiling enthusiastically when you hear your mother-in-law is joining you on your next vacation. Gee, that sounds too specific doesn't it?

Oh, Aisling, I just don't think it's in the teenage psyche to want real enlightenment. (Well, it wasn't in mine. :) ) Some of these things we just have to learn for ourselves...I figure the least we can do is tell the people who had tried to enlighten us, "gosh, you were right!"

Oh....and dear Mr. Luse....without being too grotesque here, but have you ever 'fallen in' in the middle of the night? Just wondering. ;)

I love this Kirsten girl: "touching them." I get it. As usual, we are to do the dirty work. And we do it, don't we? And many of us are easily trained, aren't we? Not me. I leave it up on purpose just so I can hear about it. I love hearing about it.
And Ellyn, no, I haven't fallen in. Know why? I open my eyes before I sit down.

Ahhh Mr. Luse,

I clean 'em.

Three strapping young men and one older one. Precious as they are -- there is no other way to say it -- they're no Olympic marksmen.

I suspect for most gals though, the lid is sometimes the straw that broke the camels back on a bad day on a good day, just a cliche.

My husband has said the same thing about looking before you "leap." However, stastically speaking...we do sit more...the odds are stacked.


Don't you miss snow living in Florida? I'll bet you'd find ways to REALLY ENJOY a six pack of Bass and some freshly fallen snow!

Hey, Kathy, I don't need snow (although it would be visually more interesting). Green grass does just fine, especially when all the girls are home and there's only one bathroom in the house.

love is... bringing home your paycheck for $6,000 every week



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