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we must be a buncha un-American freaks here in the SmockMaison. come to find out we are the only people we know who didn't watch the superbowl thingie or its adverts, so we had to hear all the hoopla second hand. thank God for small favors.

anyway, i did run across an interesting post by father keyes.


I like knowing that I can watch the ads during the post mortems on the Monday after. (Unfortunately, yesterday had multiple replays of the half-time hoochie show, too.) :)

Nah, I didn't watch either. My sister and I brought the boys home (from my in-laws), put them to bed, and watched a rented movie (Uptown Girls). BTW I voted for you, and bookmarked you, and gotta go now.. kids ;)

I didn't watch it either, since I'm not the lease bit interested in football. I do feel bad for the teams that played, because nobody is talking about them.



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