thank you, saint francis

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our eldest smockdoggy was hit by a car tonight. thanks to many prayers, Dixie Belle is already back home. the emergency vet sent her home with no broken bones and only minor lacerations, but stiff as all get out and whining pathetically. it's breaking my heart.

we aren't having much luck with cars this week. smockmomma's momma, Charlene, was in a car accident wednesday. no broken bones, with only minor lacerations, but stiff as all get out. no whining...except about her car which was totalled.

continued prayers of thanksgiving and petition for recovery for both will be appreciated.

before someone mentions the "order" here, i do love my mom much more than my dog, but the fact that my mom can talk and reason is comforting. my poor Dixie Belle just cries and looks at me like, "what's happening?" oh, it's too sad, blast it!


I knew you were a softie. Best to your mom. I've never prayed for a dog before, but just for you...

Oh, I'll pray for the dog. I had a dog get hit by a car once--she wasn't hurt much, either, but it's horrifying.

Oh, poor baby! I hope things are better soon!

Dixie Belle? You need to get another one named "Sewanee Julep" and another named "Bobby Lee".

In a valiant effort to see the glass as half-full here, at least both Smockmamma's mamma and Dixie Belle are alive and recovering. My prayers are with them both. Of course people come before pets, but our pets are God's creations as well, in addition to being a special part of our lives. They are deserving of our prayers too.

Just a quick note guys. Smockmomma took Dixie back to the vet this afternoon. She can't move her back legs and seems to be in alot of pain even with painkillers. I am sure she will let you know what the vet said when she gets back to her house.

God bless, darlin.

Dixie's hind legs are in pretty bad shape. There is a lot of swelling and several knots of blood in her "shanks?" -- she still isn't walking even though her bones and back appear normal. Thanks for continued prayers. Dixie's pain (crying) is starting to set the wee ones on edge. They're upset with hub and me for not fixing the problem. ::heavy sigh::

Definitely praying for the poor, dear doggie.



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