The second half of the article I blogged last week

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can be found here: Dennis Prager: Why young women are exposing themselves: Part two

One of the things he says that I found myself nodding my head at was:

It is doubtful that women have ever been as naive about men as are large numbers of contemporary educated women. I believe that my grandmother who never went to school understood men better than the average female college graduate today.

I believe that to be absolutely true.


That is true and and I find it hard to understand since we're not that hard to understand. Food and sex about covers it.

tso, are you suggesting man is a stomach with a "male member"?

Well, those organs tend to dominate our thinking anyway.


I'm picturing that image in my mind right now.

What's this man's main mode of transportation?

Is the greater proportion of time spent bouncing like a ball toward woman, with the protruberance waved flag-like out in front--or pole-vaulting himself on the protruberance toward food?

KTC, pole-vaulting? OUCH!



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