this doesn't make ANY sense

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unless the phrase "here I am, Lord, send somebody else" counts...

You are MOSES!
Which Old Testament Character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

thanks to donna of the quiet life for the link.


I got Joshua, but I had a hard time reading about my kick-butt attitude: the font colors are horrible! The questions are good and the results are numerous, but the quizmaster MUST CHANGE HIS GRAPHICS!

("Go ahead! Just do it! Use the other car! Step past the cat barf!")

I got Moses, too. Yikes!

the question, kathy, is "but could you dance to it?"


I'm leading the Conga Line all the way into the Promised Land!

Holy Moses, me too! How can this be? I'm with smockmomma, must be the "can't you send somebody else?" thing, because Moses I so am NOT! But I just love this guy's question!



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