What your Worst/Best Valentine's Present??

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SpecialK's --

The jury is still out whether is was best or worst.

In high school my artsy fartsy beau, who worked in a dentist's office, made me lightening bolt earrings out of the filling silver -- It was the 80's.

But best all around was hubby filling our bedroom with balloons. Inside were tiny slips of paper where he had written just stupid lil' things that he like about me, or us. Small things that I had thought went unnoticed...Whooooo I cried . . . and I'm starting to cry now just thinking about it...I sure do hope baby comes soon. I'm getting bored of the mood swings.

Thank you Jesus.



You need to tell Chuck to dial it back a notch. He's making the rest of us look bad.

nothing bad that i can recall. . .my best is always the humongo cards the chitlins make for us.

I did recently compliment Chuck in my blog. Husbands are great for quietly taking stock of all our accomplishments and good qualities, letting our bad habits fall to the wayside, and truly loving us for whatever little kindnesses that we throw there way. I know I wouldn't be able to put up with a woman who has basically stayed pregnant since the beginning of our marriage. Joseph really lets me know everyday that I am the center of his universe and who wouldn't feel special knowing that?

My best, or maybe most romantic, Valentine's Day present was from the guy I dated all the way through high school. He sent me 11 yellow roses with a card that said, "Look in the mirror to see the rose that completes the dozen!" That was sweet--especially from a 17 year old boy!

CAS is not much for the romantic gesture, but he does give me really mushy valentines. Which is very, very nice. His biggest gift to me is working hard every single day so I can stay home and boss the rest of the world around. And this Valentine's day he is taking me to the KofC dinner dance at MBS. It will be fun! And for him to volunteer to go to a dance? Well, that's just above and beyond the call of duty! He'll be rewarded for that! ;-o

I don't think I've ever gotten a BAD valentine's gift.

Ooooo Terry,
This guy was very perceptive...he new Class when he saw it...probably why he was with you! ; )

You are being falsely humble...you have your moments as well...I know your wife. And don't fret, this year we're all just gonna sit around and watch a flick.

Hallloooo-Is this Madam Lauren B?????

I think your Christmas present this year takes da cake. That story still makes me watery eyed-- but in all honesty, that's not such a great gauge anymore. So does everything else.

My 9 year old just made me a present. Never had one, otherwise!

Hubby generally takes me to dinner (which is good enough, honestly, to my taste)--and all the cheapskates I dated before my marriage must have dumped me before they had to shell out! :-O



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