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I've decided that at least until the fall I'm giving up television, except on Saturday nights when my mom and I watch the decorating shows together. (That's really more of a social event, because we spend at least as much time talking and critiquing as we do watching!)

I have been suffering some sort of general malaise lately, and I think part of it comes from sliding into the too much TV habit. Even with my beloved HGTV, too much is still just too much. And since we really can't afford to do much to the house/yard right now (and I have another crown to get started at the dentist tomorrow--yuck), I think watching all the decorating and fixing up is starting to make me dissatisfied with the house and the stuff I've got. And until I've shaped up what I already own, what's the point of lusting after MORE?

So, until September it is bye-bye TV for me. There are books to read, a new screened in patio to sit on, yardwork to do, afghans to crochet, walks to take, Spanish to learn (via our new Powerglide course) and things to tole paint. It's not that I lack stuff to do, it's just that I am weak and slide into the path of least resistance--which for me is TV. I'm sure that I'll read through some baseball and basketball games--this is my resolution alone, not my hubby's or Zteen's--but I won't be intentionally turning on the television 'til Fall!

Wish me luck.


well, i spoze it's the Holy Spirit a-working, girl. SpecialK and I were talkin' along the same lines just this afternoon.
i smelled a little smoke ... only to find it was the kindlin' under my butt encouraging me to stop vegging and DO somethin' constructive.
the Spirit is knockin, let's OPEN THE DOOR! AMEN?

I guess that is an added benefit of not having cable. I would get caught up in so many shows if we did.

More power to you!
I wish I could pitch the darned thing (or shoot it a la Elvis, if I had gun).....even the shows I used to like are leaving me flat and iirritable. (e.g. ER and Judging Amy) Well, there is FOX on Sunday nights......but that's about it.

How weird, and wonderful, Smock! AMEN!

Aisling: HGTV is addictive. Mostly cable is just more sports or more reruns of old sitcoms. My epiphany about giving it up came when I spent 30 minutes channel surfing the other day, over 50 channels, and there was NOTHING on to watch. Really. Nothing. I was down to watching HGTV compulsively, with reruns of Law and Order thrown in. And sports with the guys. Maybe I'll miss some of the old movies (on AMC or TCM), but I surely wasn't watching them much. I was really, as Micki said, just veggin' with the easiest of mind candy.

Ellyn: Yes! That irritation is exactly where I am. Hmmmmm. Shooting the TV. Interesting.... Oh, well, no gun here either. :-)

Good luck! My husband & I gave up on TV a few years ago to save money on our monthly bill. We've never had it since, and it's a blessing. So much peace...

Hello, My name is Kirsten and I never miss an episode of Decorating Cents.

I'm with ya.

I haven't ever watched HGTV but I might have to check it out sometime. I was totally addicted to Trading Spaces Home Free, I went to my in-laws every Sunday to watch. We're going to be moving a little further drive so I shouldn't get myself addicted to anymore cable shoes. Uhm, I mean shows. I gotta go get someone to sleep.



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