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I tried to link to Msgr. Reilly's talk in my response. Alas, it didn't "take." So below is the original excerpt and then the link to the rest of the talk.

>>But the war is over. You're not in the front lines; get that out of your head. We lost the war; you are behind enemy lines. When you're behind enemy lines, in occupied territory, you have to fight differently.

If you go there and say, 'Babies are being killed, we've got to get them out!' they're going to take you away. You are not going to the clinics to save the physical life of the baby; you're going there for the conversion of the abortionist, the mother, the people going in.

A lot of pro-lifers who go to clinics are like Peter, ready to take out a sword and lop off a few ears. Jesus said, put away the sword. He shows us we must be there with the long-suffering and patience of Christ<<<



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