another reason TEXAS is the best!

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as most of you know, all of the summa mamas attend an anglican use (of the roman rite) parish. kind john, over at the inn, posts about one of our sister parishes, right here in TEXAS.


I am going to cry, I think. I so miss my liturgy - being raised Anglican. I have been told there is an Anglican use parish in BOston, about an hour's drive or so away. maybe one day....
I have put the DVD on my list. I keep hoping that some of our local Anglican parishes who are so very upset about ECUSA's defection to 'gay rites' will cross over and then I will have something a little closer to home.

What is the Anglican use?

Here you go Pansy...this is off our parish website.

What is the Pastoral Provision?
The Pastoral Provision is a generous arrangement made by the Holy See in 1980 for those who were formerly priests and laypeople in the Episcopal Church and who now wish to enter the Roman Catholic Church while retaining some of the elements of their Anglican heritage and customs. Notably, this allows for the possibility of former Episcopal priests (including those who are married) being ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood, and for continuance of an "Anglican syle" liturgy (approved by the Vatican) in The Book of Divine Worship.

What is a Personal Parish for the Anglican Use?
Unlike a normal geographical parish which exists for those who live in a particular area, a Personal Parish exists for a particular kind of persons -- in this case those who are former Anglicans, those married to former Anglicans, their relatives, those who come new to the Catholic Church through such a parish, and so on. Of course, any Roman Catholic is welcome to worship and share in the life at an Anglican Use Parish.

Another dumb question-are you ladies all former Anglicans/Episcopalians?

There are actually 5 Anglican Use parishes in Texas. Wow! The State of Independence indeed!(and yes I do know we are the lone star state)

pansy, i think we all dipped our toes in several evangelical protestant denominations before finding home. terry is the only one who actually crossed the tiber as an episcopalian.

Wow! You all are so lucky. Here in the D.C. area we have a lot of neat things for Catholics, but nothing like what you have.

Hey, I didn't know you guys were in Texas too! I'm in Plano outside Dallas. Where is your parish? I only know of one around here - in Arlington, I think. It's a long way from me (I live in the unfashionable part of Plano nearer Wylie than Dallas). There are two small parishes near me - one ECUSA and on that calls itself simply "Anglican". I keep thinking it would be nice if they defected, but so far nothing...

Actually, I guess I did know that Smockmomma was in Texas. I just forgot.

During my lunch hour I pray at St. Mary the Virgin (an Anglican Use parish in Arlington, TX). I also attend Wednesday noon mass (when I can). I love going there because it reminds me that there are many different Catholic ways (granted most are eastern) to worship God and celebrate the risen Christ.

Nice blog and God Bless.

craig, what about sundays?

I live in west FW, so on Sundays I go to either Holy Family.

this is a continuation of my last post, I hit "post" before I was finished:

or St Patrick's Cathedral (depending upon when I start my day).



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