cuz a picture's worth a thousand lives

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London's Herald Sun reports.

What really intrigues me (she said while nursing her infant) is that these women actually encountered the truth without the anti-choice baggage. The director chose the footage and could not dismiss it as lies, or propaganda -- Thank God for small favors as it is virtually impossible to intellectualize away an image.

While viewing the abortion she even referred to it as "murder." Such powerful emotions were still not enough to make room for the Holy Spirit to move them to repentance. (At least I gather this is the case as they are still described as "pro-choice." ) I crave my children when I hear these stories. I just want to hold them soooo close in my almost overwhelming gratitude for God's goodness to me.


"She calls the program My Foetus and if anybody has ever heard of a pregnant woman talking about her fetus, I'd like to meet them," said Comment on Reproductive Ethics director Josephine Qunitavalle.
right on.

The part that makes me weep is:

Abortion . . . is the world's most common surgical procedure

And it simply CANNOT be that the difference between personhood and non-personhood is wantedness or unwantedness.

The pro-choice arguement is not one based on what is true. The sin of denying even the potential personhood is lost in the multitudes who deny the child their dignity as well. From my experience the women I have met feel it's a matter of survival. Them or me. As selfish as it is, it's too buried to be seen.

Oh, I believe that most women do think it is a "baby or me" decision. Absolutely.

There was an article not so many years ago about an advertising campaign that reached out to just those feelings. I think it was in First Things. I wonder what ever happened to it?

It is interesting that the pro-choice people are so adamant that we all practice abortion without impunity, but when faced with showing the world what it really is- blood, guts, gore . . . and infants- they recoil as though you asked them to go to bed with a cobra. Ridiculous . . . and what is with this march for abortion rights? Shall we march for Texas statehood tomorrow? Thank, God, for all this desperate furor though. It means we are winning the war and that the battle has turned in our favor.



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