Greetings from the land of Pink and Lace

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Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes. Our 'lil bambina is here. She is too beautiful. I think we are now finally over the shock of entering girldom. As I kept saying to everyone when they would ask if I wanted a boy or a girl..."Well, if the baby's a girl the dinner table will be a bit nicer." I never ask people that question. I guess mostly because I am really not interested in their answer...what's the point when you're not in control of the outcome.

My husband IS different with an infant girl. I can't really explain how, but now in the house there is an air of pink and lace to add to the dinosaurs and grasshoppers. It will be interesting to see our family unfold into this brand new person. Right now, I am just constantly adjusting my expectations. LOL, actually I think until Easter I have three one dies....people eat and we all sleep at some point -- that last one will have to go too.

Much love and thanks to Micki and Terry...for their Summa love and prayers.


Don't ya just love the pink! I know Sophie's birthday is toward the beginning of the month and Claire's is towards the end, but I've already told Kenny that one year we must have a joint "Princess Tea birthday party" for the both of them. We'll just hold it in the middle of the month. How much fun would that be?
Ballet lessons, tutus, dress up, and the list goes on. Too much fun.

my God, the dead has arisen. YEAH! nice post! and, i love you, too.

And she is SO beautiful. I can't imagine a girl after little boys, but maybe someday I'll be blessed enough to find out too. (don't tell anyone I said that, i'm supposed to be finished)

That's so wonderful. Oh, and don't forget the horseloving phase -- you can look forward to that too.

(And thanks for linking to me! I just now noticed.)

okay -- what the heck is a horse-loving phase? i never went through one of those, so what does it mean, i'm not a girl? i'm chopped livuh? what?

*grins* I love watching daddies with their little girls! So neat to see some so little with so much control..... (My sister was better at it, but she's a much more girly-girl, gotta love her.)


Smockmomma-- it means you were lucky. (you didn't happen to grow up around horses, did you? I did, and never went through a horse faze....)

As a dad of a 9-month old little girl, they're great! When we found out were were having a little girl, my wife had to stop me from over-buying on little dresses...

My band o' Barbies rode their Breyer horses bareback. I also had a beloved rubber snake that would try to eat Barbie until her American Quarter Horse, Santrez, would trample the green beast.

Then all the Barbies would bring the giant Green Mamba back to their cinder block dining table and feast on fresh roasted mamba stuffed with sawdust on their bottle cap plates and drink and ice tea from pen cap cups...

Ahhhh I can taste it now....

I have 4 girls and I loved the lace - but they didn't! what can a mom do, anyhow. Enjoy it while you have control, and just wait for the chance to buy her 12 pairs of those cute baby shoes!
I want the birth story! (spoken like the midwife I am)

God bless you all!

I saw the baby, I saw the baby! (Imagine that in that sing-songy voice!)

She is as beautiful as her mother. And that says a lot!


Girls are...different. Way to go Kirsten.



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