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Color this mama surprised after walking into the TRAP that was a dual baby shower. And take a guess who wove the web?

Bless their hearts-

Have ta brag a bit on how well MamaT and Smock put this together. I had thought I was going to another friend's shower and she thought she was coming to mine. That is until I asked her if she was suprised. She gave me one of those head tilted,frozen thought, are you an alien kinda looks. So right when I'm thinking why is she looking at me so funny. Smock yelled "Surprise!"...clever grrrrls.

The vittles (I don't think I have ever typed that word) thanks to Terry, were so very yummy and the games, kudos to Micki, were a hoot !!!!!

My highlights...

* Seeing all the beautiful people there. I think we thoroughly enjoyed each other's company that night.
* Standing in amazement of Terry and her ability to pick out baby food by sight alone!!!!!
* Thinking that my Mother-in-law was going to have to wear bloomers all night.

Scariest moment...

*Thinking (with a bag on my head) These ladies REALLY don't expect me to strip do they????

Merci buckets my precious did a lovely thing for all of us.


you are most welcome.

and i missed it, all because of that awful thing my husband does called work. (Which is actually a wonderful thing when you consider the food on our table, and the roof over our heads...). I'm still so dissapointed I couldn't make it, but it sounds like it was lovely & wonderful & you all had fun. Mom already gave me a whole run down about who was there, and the gifts, and the games, and the food. Happy Baby :)

Hey Smockmamma us commenting at the same time was just scary.

Okay...I may not be Mistress of the obvious which is probably why I never knew Aisling was a parishioner.

Who are ya Aisling...this is killin' me!

haha. I have 3 boys. Joe & Gerro's daughter. You would know me if you saw me. And my name isn't pronouced like it looks :)


You wear a sling!

I recognize your name now. (She said sheepishly)

Yeeeessss! Thats me. Mostly I just wear it lately rather than actually using it. Habit. haha.



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