scouting for death? conspiracy theory no. sm-02

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i'm beginning to wonder if this whole girl scout-planned parenthood compost heap isn't actually a conspiracy akin to "the little amazons" -- a training camp for future misandristic lesbians -- on the oblongs. you must admit that the girl scouts and planned murder--er, infertility, er parenthood? you've got to be kidding...the girl scouts and pp make awfully strange bedfellows. bedgals. bedgirls? bedladies. bedwomen, er bedwymyn? bedbugs?

wanna see if the girl scouts in your neck of the woods are supporting pp?

moloch must be grinning from horn to horn.


I think our nearest council is Circle T and they are NOT associated! Good on them!

I don't understand this whole thing at all. Why would the Girl Scouts have anything to do with Planned Parenthood?

Lots of Girls Scout leaders/employees/etc. are arch-feminists.



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