Sofia Claire was baptized yesterday!

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She was BEAUTIFUL. Her mama, SpecialK, was beautiful. All went well. Most well indeed!

Lots of family there for SpecialK, and that led to the funniest moment of Easter Sunday. One of SpecialK's sisters-in-law came up to me. "I know you! You're Terry! I recognized you by your shoes! I saw them on your website!"

So there. Think I'm weird for posting the picture if you must, but it was the cause of a very sweet moment yesterday!


Ha! Specialsis'n'law didn't tell me. Very neat.

What a beautiful day for such a beautiful event.

(The shoe thing is hysterical.....I've never heard of that happening to anyone. Very cute.)

Wow. Seems like myself, the StitchWitch of Musings on Muses and our son were there also (we were the cloaked people), along with Kashi of Synonyms and Sugar, who was received into the Church at the Easter Vigil, and her husband the Jelly-Pinched Wolf.

Reading your post was very cool.



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