Sunday nights....

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.....and paying bills COULD be a real bummer, EXCEPT for the fact that from 8-10 p.m. KSCS 96.3 FM radio has a show called HONKY TONK TEXAS, that is so awesome it makes even bill paying almost bearable.

It drives Zteen crazy--he has to keep coming in to tell me, "Mom, could you turn down the radio JUST A LITTLE!"

Oops! Sorry. But when they play "Up Against the Wall Redneck Mothers" by Ray Wylie Hubbard and "London Homesick Blues" sung by Jerry Jeff BACK TO BACK it is almost more than I can stand! DH and I crank up the sound, and shout along. Yee Haw!

Then to follow it up with the songwriter's version of "Pancho and Lefty", a Lyle Lovett song, a new Rodney Crowell song, a Stevie Ray Vaughn song, Merle Haggard singing "The Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line" (which dearest hubby and I HAD to dance to--much to the chagrin of Zteen), "Miles and Miles of Texas" (which is playing now--thank you Asleep at the Wheel--and I don't know how people listen to swing without jumping up to dance!), and probably the GREATEST country song ever written: George Jones singing "He Stopped Lovin' Her Today." Awesome! It's the best 2 hours of music on the radio.

CORRECTION: Waylon Jennings sings "The Only Daddy That Will Walk the Line", not Merle Haggard. Thanks to Erik for making me look. (Though we can claim Merle if'n we *want* to--just because there's not a honky tonk in Texas that doesn't play "Mama Tried"!)

I'll leave you with the lyrics of the Jack Ingram song they're cranking now--a GREAT bluesy song.....

Barbie Doll
J. Ingram/T. Snider

I see you looking and I know what you think
You’re getting braver with every drink but
I am telling you something you need to know

She may look like a sweet young thing
Talking to him but she ain’t hearing a thing
If you were smart you’d turn around and let her go

That girls’ a Barbie doll
A Barbie doll
She’s real good-looking but she’s got no heart at all

She puts on her makeup and drives to the bar in her
Boyfriend’s old man’s brand-new car
She’s got no idea what she does or why

She does whatever she wants I guess
Whatever comes first or whatever looks best
Nobody I know has ever seen her cry


You should have seen her last Saturday night
She had a friend of mine treating her right
She was hanging on him until she found a better deal

You should have seen how cold she got
My buddy asked why and she said why not
Nobody I know swears she’s even real


Sorry, ya'll. I gotta go dance in the kitchen with my sweetie.


Man! I'm a total yankee and even I love "Up Against the Wall Redneck Mothers!"

will i get kicked out of TEXAS if i admit that i don't know any of those songs?

Wait a minute! Hag? He's from Oildale, California and was decended from Oklahoma stock (at least I think so).

We don't try to claim Bob Wills, even though he operated Will's Point in Sacramento. What gives with y'all claiming Hag? He turned 21 in prison, doing life without parole in San Quentin (Marin County, California). Just don't blame Mama, cause she tried.

Speaking of Wills and Hag - Wills gave Hag one of his fiddles. There is a long story about that, but it is too late for me to get into it now.

Erik: See correction posted in the entry body! I don't know what I was thinking--I wasn't THINKING, I was DANCING! :-)

HOWEVER, I betcha Hag gets more airplay in Texas these days than he does in California! But it does go a ways in answering the question "Can anything good come out of California?" {wink}


Sssssshhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone. Yes, they could yank your credentials for that. Least they could in WEST Texas. But then, you were born and raised in the big city, honey. We can't expect you to know EVERYTHING.

Bless your heart. Just so you know, here are the lyrics to "He Stopped Lovin' Her Today" by the great George Jones. You'd better memorize 'em so that if there is ever a pop quiz, you'll be able to pass:

He said "I'll love you till I die",
She told him "You'll forget in time"
As the years went slowly by,
She still preyed upon his mind

He kept her picture on his wall,
Went half-crazy now and then
He still loved her through it all,
Hoping she'd come back again

Kept some letters by his bed
Dated nineteen sixty-two
He had underlined in red
Every single "I love you"

I went to see him just today,
Oh but I didn't see no tears
All dressed up to go away,
First time I'd seen him smile in years

He stopped loving her today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they'll carry him away
He stopped loving her today

You know, she came to see him one last time.
Oh, and' we all wondered if she would.
And it kept running' through my mind-
"This time he's over her for good."

He stopped loving her today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they'll carry him away
He stopped loving her today.

This song is the hug your sweetie close, slowdance and sing in her ear king of the romantic jukebox.

Hey I'm with ya. But I did grow up in Florida, so why should I know country?? I don't know much about music period, actually. Unless songs from barney & the wiggles count.


Watch out or we'll send Buck Owens out there to set you straight (I would mention Spade Cooley, too, but that would get us into the territory of the Horror Film survey, and I won't go there).

In the Central Valley Hag gets a lot of airplay, still, as he did on KPFA (until the Bob Wills fiddle incident that completely angered KPFA's top country DJ, for good reason. Like I said, long story), and a few other Bay Area stations. I don't know about LA, since that is a different planet. You are probably right, though. I bet he does get more airplay in Texas.


I am trying to imagine Hag singing "Hot Potatoes, Cold Spaghetti" but it is just not coming. Nor Jennings doing "I Love You, You Love Me." Just too painful for words, I am afraid.

oooooooooo! i know that song! hub and i are sangin it tuhgether ratchnow! coolmoe. it must be the quintessential southren song cuz it's practically the only one i do know -- 'sides the cotton-eyed joe, a-course.

Gotta say I'd have to side with Zteen on this one!

You're pretty dang versatile Terry and a antidote to uppity notherners. One minute you're discussing a classic novel and the next a classic redneck song. Amen!



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